Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bookcases finished

Well, almost finished! I kind of lost steam with putting out holiday decor, then traveling all over the place then coming home and taking down holiday decor all while being 8 months pregnant. Ha! But We are loving our finished bookcases in the Wii room and use this area so much more now!
Anyways- for now this is what the wii room is looking like:

We changed a few other things around too, most notably we got a new rug! I found a great deal on Rugs USA and we are loving the pattern and the cushy-ness! The old rug was so hard that I could barely put my knees on it, and since I plan to play with the baby in this room I thought something softer might be nice!

We also got a new chest of baskets for by the back door! Its narrower than what we had to fit the space better but still has lots of storage to hold hats, leash, purse, etc- things I need when running out the door that I don't want sitting out on a countertop all time!
Here's some up close and personal shots of the shelves:

Clearly there is more styling to come but for now I'm pleased enough! I'm sure one day soon it will start to irk me and I will come and mix it all up!
We have tons of closed storage along the bottom which has been amazing. We have board games and Wii games and DVDs in the cabinets on one side, large baby gear on the far side and we are using the center drawers for frequently used items. The top one is Sam's dedicated drawer! LOVE that all of his things (other than treats and leash that are used multiple times a day) have a spot to be stashed. And the bottom one I plan to use for baby toys used all the time!

And on top of everything else, our TV wires are now hidden which makes me very very happy :) Yeah for a pretty space!