Friday, August 24, 2012

My intuitive puppy

Why yes Sam! I am!!!! How did you know???!?
P and I are excited to announce we are expecting our first child in February 2013!!! 

I am officially 14.5 weeks along and so far everything has been smooth and easy (well other than being laid up on the couch for about a month feeling awful) This is also a huge reason as to why I wasn't really blogging. When I was having morning sickness (all day long) the computer screen and even my phone screen made me feel even worse! It wasn't until the end of July I was on my computer more than 5-10 minutes a day! But sickness aside baby is healthy and I am feeling much much better! 

So now along with all the other random stuff I blog about you'll be getting some baby updates too I'm sure! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Michelle Armas print

So, remember back in March when I mounted the big print I saw on Pinterest onto some plywood and hung it above my couch? Here's a refresher

I was really excited about it and really liked it a lot- it make a big impact since 1. it was so big and 2. it was one item versus a lot of small little things. But apparently my DIY skills aren't aren't as mad awesome as I thought they were. . . SAD.

Over the months the print has started falling off the plywood- so in an effort to make it more permanent i went and sprayed adhesive all over the board and laid the print back down. Good, right? Not so much now it has air bubbles all over that I can't get out  AND its really stuck to the board so when I tried to take it off to just have it framed instead, it started to rip. . . again SAD. At least I only spent about $85 for the whole big thing, I guess

We've known for a month or so this was coming, it was starting to look pretty ridiculous! ANYWHOOO, I've been looking around for a while and came across the new prints that Michelle Armas is doing of some of her popular paintings. I have been obsessed with Michelle's work for a while now but her big paintings (which are AMAZING!) are a bit out of my price range right now! But when I saw that she was in the emerging artists sale on One Kings Lane a few weeks back, you know I jumped, fast! At 40% off of the normal price of her prints, it was a STEAL and came in just 2 weeks or so!!!

Now we have this pretty print of Michelle's Laura painting on stretched canvas over the couch and I'm in love!
So I promise to get some better non iPhone pics of the new print  SOON but it just came in the mail and I couldn't help but show you :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

doggie mat

So this is a little random but I just had to share about this new mat we bought to put under Sam's food and water bowls. We love our puppy to death- I mean how could you not with this face
LOVE him, but I was not loving the water strewn all over our kitchen floor pretty much every time Sam drank any water! Like watch out you might slip and fall, all over! Folks, our dog is a messy drinker, I said it! 

We had bought a few cheapie door mats that were supposed to help absorb/ eliminate the water. FAIL! Not only did they not keep the water from  being all over the floor, they started getting moldy. . . awesome! 

So we finally bit the bullet and bought this Water Trapper Pet Placemat from Orvis and we LOVE it! Beyond the fact that you can personalize it, which I have to admit totally did me in, its so cute, but it WORKS!!! The water sloshes all over the mat and then disappears! AMAZING!
I just had to share in case anyone else out there has a messy drinker too! Oh and Orvis has no idea who I am, and I'm not getting anything for telling you about this- just wanted to share the love! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sweet Baby G!

Well as promised I had to throw up a few more pics of my sweet nephew G!
He was born June 21st and is just the cutest thing EVER! He was close to 10 lbs when we was born so carrying him around is like lifting weights and playing all at the same time! I was lucky enough to stay for 5 days and play with him and my sissy after he was born!
poor baby- getting poked and prodded is no fun! 

clean and happy

new family :)

sleeping with his hands up! He still does this- so cute

chillin with Coco

With uncle Christian

my fam (minus spouses)

My mom- Coco

Baby G's Houston grandparents

and my FAV pic of baby G! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm back!!!

Um, hi! Is anyone out there? Is there anyone who still reads my poor little neglected blog?
Well to the three of you still there, hello friends!
It's been a crazy summer for us here in H-town! Between traveling to see family and road tripping to friends' weddings

BEAUTIFUL wedding! 

And the best part of TX road tripping. . . BBQ :)

going to the beach for some R&R (and amazing sunsets!)

Sammers chasing birds on the balcony! Sam LOVES the beach as much as we do :)

visiting my new nephew

HA! Baby G was a 9 pounder (well closer to 10 lbs really at 9 lb 11 oz) 

and celebrating my 30th birthday in the month of July (yes I celebrate all month!)

I haven't really been around the computer much, but with summer coming to a close (craziness) I figured I needed to get back to a schedule! So I'll be around more often- promise :)

And this fall will bring some fun projects and maybe a few Pinterest recipes/ ideas that keep me busy and hopefully some cooler weather for everyone! But up first, more pics of my sweet nephew G!