Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dining room changes

The dining room table is finally in and we are absolutely in love with it- we had a minor issue with a broken leg which was found after paying for it AND having it carted over from Beaumont to Houston but we found a great company in town to fix it properly and we couldn’t be happier. They were amazing and fast, we wanted the leg back in time for the weekend and they delivered. So now our dining room is looking a lot more like us

close up of the pretty table legs and you can better see the design on the chair fabric

Of course I still want to do something to that back wall, and I’m really beginning to think I want to panel it, a la Rambling Renovators
And yes i realize that's a bedroom but I love the idea o a whole wall paneled like that!

But that remains to be seen. Oh in addition, I decided that the problem with the accent wall through its several paint jobs isn’t the accent wall so much as it is the wall color for the whole room, which I hate! It’s too dark/ olive-y tan. I am now on the hunt for a more greige color along the lines of

RH Stone
Slate Paint Collection Low Gloss

SW Windsor Greige
SW7528 Windsor Greige

BM Baby Fawn
Just the beginning though, so we’ll see how long it takes to decide on that. I first put up paint swatches in my bedroom in February and I just had that painted last week! More on that to come!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pillow fight

Or really pillow love! But I couldn't help using the title. I am FINALLY also going to get my pillows made. I got some of my favorite fabrics for my birthday
Dwell Studios Bella Porte in Twilight (
Dwell Studios Vintage Blossom (pic also from

and I’ve finally found someone to make my pillows! I have GOT to learn to sew- I could have had pillows a month ago if I could figure that out but in the meantime I’m taking the seamstress all of my fabrics so soon I’ll have more fun throw pillows for the living room which is ALWAYS exciting! The tan couch has been very lacking in the excitement department for a long time now! And the second fabric is for the big bolster pillow in our bedroom! I'm very excited to have it recovered because I stopped loving that fabric a long time ago AND it wasn't sewed very well, had no zipper to take fabric off and didn't give it the structure I was looking for. Super excited for both of these because I LOVE both of the fabrics

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dining options

In similar news, again while we were in Beaumont going through P’s favorite antique store ;) I found the most amazing dining room table. Like AMAZING. Exactly what I want/ love/ dream of! And it was also on sale for a GREAT deal, but let’s be honest, a decent size dining room table with two large leaves and 8 chairs is never going to be cheap cheap! So I took pictures and stared at them on the computer trying to figure out what to do while feeling totally guilty because we don’t actually NEED a new dining room table. But we kind of do. The table that now is great, I love it actually but it’s really meant to be a square table and doesn’t work very well with the leaves pulled out. Because of where the legs are none of our chairs can ever fit under the table so it makes for a crowded/ sloppy looking room with all the chairs pulled out, all of the time.
We were thinking about it but I just couldn’t justify it.

Then just a few days ago my mother in law emailed that the store was having a sale and it would be another 25% off!! WHAT?? The chairs alone are probably worth more than what they are charging for the whole set. And it’s a Drexel table so its quality and it will last us a lifetime. So we bit the bullet and are now proud owners of this:

LOVE! And the chairs fit under the table! Even better :)

But since we already moved the old table into the breakfast room to check it out:
(pardon the dark photo)
I want new chairs though- those chairs are so big. Hoping to find a pair of cute chairs I can paint on Craigslist or something!

 until we can pick it up from Beaumont our dining room will look like this:
So sad looking but I could care less I’m just ready for the new table!

Monday, September 12, 2011

steal of a deal!

A few weekends ago we went to Beaumont to visit with P’s family and decided to wander around some antiques/ furniture stores (okay it was clearly me that planned that, not P) But anyways, he’s happy he did now because I found us the BEST deal on really cute and comfortable patio furniture.

 I’m so glad I waited until the end of the summer for so many reasons. 1. I realized that all the styles I was looking at were fairly contemporary or just trendy and very in right now, but if I wanted to buy something to last I really should be getting something with a more traditional frame where I can change out the cushion fabrics, etc. as styles change. 2. I didn’t want to spend SO much on the patio furniture that we couldn’t put in a patio for years to come. Have you guys looked at nice/ meant to last patio furniture?? It is super expensive and I was so torn as to spend a lot for quality or buy cheap for now, knowing we’d have to buy again in a few years- which just seems so wasteful!

So I did both! I found the best of both worlds by snagging a great deal on Woodard wrought iron patio set with Sunbrella fabric cushions for almost 70% off! It was 40% off the sales price and one of only 2 left in the store!!! WOO HOO! So we paid Target prices for high quality stuff! And I love how it looks, especially how the colors go so well with the slate on the fire pit!

Now we just need to redo the patio which will hopefully be happening sometime late fall/ early winter!

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Door is here

Sorry for my absence from the blogging world. I don’t know how so much time got away from me! We’ve been having a grand old time though, relaxing, traveling and working some on the house.
And, we FINALLY got the door delivered which was super exciting and it is currently residing in the garage until the contractor can come to stain and install it next week! I couldn’t be more excited. I think we’ve decided on dark walnut stain from Minwax so we’ll do a little test but I’m pretty sure that it is exactly what I want!
So hopefully soon this door:

Will be stained
And installed HERE!
Just in time for my fall wreath to go up

And we won’t have any more water pouring into the house when P tries to hose down the door to clean it off! OOPS J