Monday, September 19, 2011

Pillow fight

Or really pillow love! But I couldn't help using the title. I am FINALLY also going to get my pillows made. I got some of my favorite fabrics for my birthday
Dwell Studios Bella Porte in Twilight (
Dwell Studios Vintage Blossom (pic also from

and I’ve finally found someone to make my pillows! I have GOT to learn to sew- I could have had pillows a month ago if I could figure that out but in the meantime I’m taking the seamstress all of my fabrics so soon I’ll have more fun throw pillows for the living room which is ALWAYS exciting! The tan couch has been very lacking in the excitement department for a long time now! And the second fabric is for the big bolster pillow in our bedroom! I'm very excited to have it recovered because I stopped loving that fabric a long time ago AND it wasn't sewed very well, had no zipper to take fabric off and didn't give it the structure I was looking for. Super excited for both of these because I LOVE both of the fabrics

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  1. I LOVE that first fabric! I want to cover everything in that fabric in every color!