Monday, September 12, 2011

steal of a deal!

A few weekends ago we went to Beaumont to visit with P’s family and decided to wander around some antiques/ furniture stores (okay it was clearly me that planned that, not P) But anyways, he’s happy he did now because I found us the BEST deal on really cute and comfortable patio furniture.

 I’m so glad I waited until the end of the summer for so many reasons. 1. I realized that all the styles I was looking at were fairly contemporary or just trendy and very in right now, but if I wanted to buy something to last I really should be getting something with a more traditional frame where I can change out the cushion fabrics, etc. as styles change. 2. I didn’t want to spend SO much on the patio furniture that we couldn’t put in a patio for years to come. Have you guys looked at nice/ meant to last patio furniture?? It is super expensive and I was so torn as to spend a lot for quality or buy cheap for now, knowing we’d have to buy again in a few years- which just seems so wasteful!

So I did both! I found the best of both worlds by snagging a great deal on Woodard wrought iron patio set with Sunbrella fabric cushions for almost 70% off! It was 40% off the sales price and one of only 2 left in the store!!! WOO HOO! So we paid Target prices for high quality stuff! And I love how it looks, especially how the colors go so well with the slate on the fire pit!

Now we just need to redo the patio which will hopefully be happening sometime late fall/ early winter!

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