Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Thanksgiving table

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours turned out really, pretty perfect! And exactly what I needed. It was big and loud and crazy and  PERFECT! We went to Dallas to be with my family and hosted 23 people at my parents' house.

Being the planner/ organizer geek that I organized it. We figured out what people wanted to bring, filled in the gaps by cooking the other stuff and made even more desserts, just because! I even sent out a spreadsheet detailing who was bringing what, and  who all would be there (nerd alert anyone??).

We had family and good friends, which is even more special to me!

After seeing so many fun ideas on Pintrest I decided to print a few printables and make some Oreo Turkeys and marshmallow Pilgrim hats (from ourbestbites.com) as lots of bloggers did. They were a little time consuming but I didn't think it was too terribly bad, they came together pretty well actually. The worst part was checking out at the Super Target with all that candy, cookies, etc! I felt the urge to tell the checkout lady what I was doing so it didn't just look like I was going to be gorging on candy all day or something!

Other than that I made sweet potato casserole, the BEST cranberry sauce, pecan pie and pumpkin whoopee pies- which is actually less than I normally make, thanks to all the organization going on up there! I leave you now with pretty pictures of our Thanksgiving tableS (no way to fit 23 people at one table!)

And shockingly, the only picture of the food I got was the dessert line up!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone is eating too much turkey, watching football and enjoying family!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So I realize that I my posting has been more intermittent lately, but I have a really good excuse . . . well a cute one at least!

Apparently puppies want you to play with them, not just sit in front of a computer when you get home! So play we have!! And run and learn to jump and learn our own name and sleep and EAT!

Sam will be 11 weeks old tomorrow which I can't believe- and he is SO much bigger than when we first got him. He was 9.5lbs when we got him and when we were at the vet last week he was 14.5 and I'm sure he'll weigh even more by the time we go for the next booster shots! And he's so tall now too! I just can't get over how cute he is!
This is the day we brought him  home:

And now:
after he learned he could climb (not jump, climb) up onto the patio furniture. He seriously sat there perfectly upright until we saw him, he was so proud of himself!

How I find him most of the time, playing with a toy

before learning that beds are to sleep on:

ahh- that's MUCH more comfortable, although he still does sleep on the concrete or the tile occasionally

grocery bag?? I think this is called a TOY!

And the day I realized that he was too big/ energetic for me to hold in the car on our way to the vet!
He changed the channel and put my car into neutral at the stop light while trying to climb onto the dash! HA

I think I could take his picture ALL day long!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Nutcracker Market

Last week I went to the Nutcracker Market here in Houston which is this amazing holiday market that benefits the Houston Ballet. First of all it is HUGE there were over 350 vendors and second of all they all have really amazing stuff. From baby and kids’ clothes and toys, to jewelry, food, Christmas d├ęcor, furniture, regular house decorations, they have EVERYTHING!

Unfortunately they don’t allow pictures inside, but I wanted to show you all of my cute loot!

I got a cute ornament for Sam to have on the tree!

I got some cute Christmas plates to display:

An angel for our tree topper, which I'm LOVING

And the grand finale! A new Christmas wreath.

I also got some food dip mixes and preserves- there was TONS of great local/ small batch food products there as well! So glad I made the trek over there, and now I'm ready to start decorating for Christmas!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas Cards from Tiny Prints

**Sorry for the late post- this was supposed to post this morning but never did!

Have you all started working on your Christmas cards yet? Well if you haven’t I have to tell you all about Tiny Prints. They have the BEST Christmas cards around. The quality is amazing, there are tons of super cute designs to suit everyone’s taste and they print on both sides of the card (which makes them my favorite Christmas card store!

I ordered from the for the first time last year and was so pleased! I wanted something kind of elegant but still simple and modern and just LOVED the cards!
See- pretty right?

This year I want to do something more fun and colorful since we have Sam and some fun playful pictures. And apparently I’m not the only one that’s looking for fun and colorful because there are some amazing bright and cheery cards from Tiny Prints:

First off- I LOVE the candy cane stripes here- how fun is that?

Oh and the colors on this were great too- its called Colorful letters! Right up my alley
and I LOVE the design on the back (which you can add pictures to if you like!)
How much fun is this one!
Hi Sam! 

And how fun is the back of this one too:
It doubles as a Christmas ornament when you are done!
Tiny Prints actually has several designs that you can choose to do in the ornament style! I love that- what a fun way to look through all your ornaments from years past, not to mention for your family! My mom's tree may soon be overflowing with Christmas card ornaments from me.

Now I just have to decide between the three- it was hard enough to narrow it down to those three but I plan on ordering my cards this week so the pressure's on for my fun and festive Christmas cards! What look are you going for this year? Tiny Prints has tons of other options, from elegant and shimmery to soft and serene, also they have other holidays including New Years (to give you an extra week to get the cards out), or  Hanakkah cards- they've got everything!

Check out all of their fun cards on their website:

PS- that's an old pic so the fun isn't spoiled for our family and friends getting a live card!