Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Thanksgiving table

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours turned out really, pretty perfect! And exactly what I needed. It was big and loud and crazy and  PERFECT! We went to Dallas to be with my family and hosted 23 people at my parents' house.

Being the planner/ organizer geek that I organized it. We figured out what people wanted to bring, filled in the gaps by cooking the other stuff and made even more desserts, just because! I even sent out a spreadsheet detailing who was bringing what, and  who all would be there (nerd alert anyone??).

We had family and good friends, which is even more special to me!

After seeing so many fun ideas on Pintrest I decided to print a few printables and make some Oreo Turkeys and marshmallow Pilgrim hats (from ourbestbites.com) as lots of bloggers did. They were a little time consuming but I didn't think it was too terribly bad, they came together pretty well actually. The worst part was checking out at the Super Target with all that candy, cookies, etc! I felt the urge to tell the checkout lady what I was doing so it didn't just look like I was going to be gorging on candy all day or something!

Other than that I made sweet potato casserole, the BEST cranberry sauce, pecan pie and pumpkin whoopee pies- which is actually less than I normally make, thanks to all the organization going on up there! I leave you now with pretty pictures of our Thanksgiving tableS (no way to fit 23 people at one table!)

And shockingly, the only picture of the food I got was the dessert line up!

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  1. Dad's famous! He's on the blog! haha :) Thanksgiving was wonderful - so glad yall were here!