Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So I realize that I my posting has been more intermittent lately, but I have a really good excuse . . . well a cute one at least!

Apparently puppies want you to play with them, not just sit in front of a computer when you get home! So play we have!! And run and learn to jump and learn our own name and sleep and EAT!

Sam will be 11 weeks old tomorrow which I can't believe- and he is SO much bigger than when we first got him. He was 9.5lbs when we got him and when we were at the vet last week he was 14.5 and I'm sure he'll weigh even more by the time we go for the next booster shots! And he's so tall now too! I just can't get over how cute he is!
This is the day we brought him  home:

And now:
after he learned he could climb (not jump, climb) up onto the patio furniture. He seriously sat there perfectly upright until we saw him, he was so proud of himself!

How I find him most of the time, playing with a toy

before learning that beds are to sleep on:

ahh- that's MUCH more comfortable, although he still does sleep on the concrete or the tile occasionally

grocery bag?? I think this is called a TOY!

And the day I realized that he was too big/ energetic for me to hold in the car on our way to the vet!
He changed the channel and put my car into neutral at the stop light while trying to climb onto the dash! HA

I think I could take his picture ALL day long!


  1. omg. brittany's are so adorable!! especially sam. pixel does the same 'frog legs'.

  2. Pam I know! I can't get over their faces- they are just the cutest things! And the frog legs kill me I want to take pictures of him like that all the time! My husband thinks they look like field goal posts!