Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Have you begun decorating your house? I LOVE decorating for the holidays, shocker, right?? Anyways, I love decorating for all holidays but Christmas in particular. And I love doing it early- then getting to relax and enjoy all the beautiful festive decor.

I think it comes from my parents, well the inverse of my parents anyways, we were always so stressed out and pulling stuff out at the last minute (don't be upset I just outed you mom, you know it's true!), that I think it makes me want to decorate EARLY so that I don't stress about it.

I think that's where my organizational skills/ anal-ness come in as well. . . another inverse thing. . . sorry mom, I do love you, promise!

Anyways, back to the subject at hand! CHRISTMAS! We are all set up ( well still missing a few small things) but otherwise perfectly decorated for the holidays and I am loving it! Here's a peak at our home for the holidays!

pay no attention to my Thanksgiving printable- soon that will be for Christmas!

stockings, nativity and cute snowman plate

Our Christmas memories book, our wedding bell and some Christmas candles

pretty embroidered place mats we got on our honeymoon

breakfast room

don't know why I love the ornaments in the condiment server so much!

This is hardly everything but a nice smattering of Christmas cheer!


  1. I love your lights and all your decorations! I just got a start at putting mine up. I got the tree up and Ben and I put lights up at his place. Of corse, we put the lights on the inside for us to enjoy, haha we are dorks! That is condo life though.

  2. Thanky Mandy! How have you been??? Its been FOVEVER but we are so rarely in Dallas now I feel totally disconected from everyone there! Hope you and Ben are having a good holiday season! I think it's fun to put up lights etc inside in the condo- we did that in our apartment too because otherwise it just doesn't feel like Christmas!