Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm dreaming of a . . . cold December

I realized I never posted about our gardening adventure a few weekends ago. Well in preparation for a hopefully cool if not cold December we've ripped up our pintas and zinnias, pulled up the caladium bulbs and planted some pretty white and purple pansies. Not a huge project by any means but fun and with a great impact!
We also took this time to rip up our old soaker hose which had cracked and put in higher quality ones and bury them under the mulch! Hopefully we'll have some cold weather for our pansies to thrive in (and by cold I mean like 50s!) I totally forgot to take before pictures- I know we have some of other work but you can't begin to understand how big the pintas had got! They were easy over 2 feet tall!
you can kind of see how tall the flowers on the left side of the pic are compared to the ferns

a side shot

All cleared out and ready to plant

pardon the leaves and such- forgot to take a picture right away and the wind brought lots of leaves!