Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dining options

In similar news, again while we were in Beaumont going through P’s favorite antique store ;) I found the most amazing dining room table. Like AMAZING. Exactly what I want/ love/ dream of! And it was also on sale for a GREAT deal, but let’s be honest, a decent size dining room table with two large leaves and 8 chairs is never going to be cheap cheap! So I took pictures and stared at them on the computer trying to figure out what to do while feeling totally guilty because we don’t actually NEED a new dining room table. But we kind of do. The table that now is great, I love it actually but it’s really meant to be a square table and doesn’t work very well with the leaves pulled out. Because of where the legs are none of our chairs can ever fit under the table so it makes for a crowded/ sloppy looking room with all the chairs pulled out, all of the time.
We were thinking about it but I just couldn’t justify it.

Then just a few days ago my mother in law emailed that the store was having a sale and it would be another 25% off!! WHAT?? The chairs alone are probably worth more than what they are charging for the whole set. And it’s a Drexel table so its quality and it will last us a lifetime. So we bit the bullet and are now proud owners of this:

LOVE! And the chairs fit under the table! Even better :)

But since we already moved the old table into the breakfast room to check it out:
(pardon the dark photo)
I want new chairs though- those chairs are so big. Hoping to find a pair of cute chairs I can paint on Craigslist or something!

 until we can pick it up from Beaumont our dining room will look like this:
So sad looking but I could care less I’m just ready for the new table!

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