Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Final touches

I've been looking for something relatively inexpensive but fun, colorful and modern for a while now. After having to scratch a real painting off the list for budget reasons, I found this cool print on Pinterest of course I knew it was what I was looking for!

I think it took me like 3 days to pull the trigger- that's moving pretty fast around here! Through ImageKind I purchased a print to mount. I really really wanted to purchase the image printed on to canvas and then hung in a floating frame but I was worried I wouldn't love the colors as much in person or it just wouldn't look right, so I went the cheaper route just to make sure!  But now, seeing it in person and on our wall I think eventually I will either get this print framed or have it printed onto canvas. The colors are great and the design is exactly what I was wanting.

For now the print is just taped up onto a piece of plywood Home Depot cut down for me,  a la Little Green Notebook style. I just need to stain (or maybe paint, undecided) the edges of the plywood!

And now, the living room is really about 90% done but it's done for now! I want to live with it how it is for a while before I make any more changes.


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this print. It's so beautiful! I've seen it on Pinterest too. Looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Katie!! I am loving it too! It adds so much color to the room!!