Friday, March 23, 2012

more pillows!

Does anyone else have a throw pillow problem??? Or is it  just me? P thinks I have a serious problem. If I'm not buying pillows I'm looking at fabric to make some that we need or to replace some outdated ones. That's totally normal, right?
My latest pillow project has been in the living room, again. Okay maybe it's bad, but it can't be because I'm in love with the new pillows. I told you I was planning on making them a while back, to coordinate with the dining room chairs when we finally get those recovered.
I was going to wait until after I had the chairs reupholstered to get the pillows made, but, well I got impatient! HA understatement of the year! Soo, I had my lady sew up some pillow covers for me and VOILA!!

I'm loving how they turned out- looks like that's what should have always been there! 

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  1. I live in Houston, who do you use to make your pillows? My email is