Monday, March 12, 2012

and we paint!

After having paint samples up on the wall for a few weeks (hey I'm getting better than last time we painted a large room and I had samples up for months!) we have painted, a LOT! Exciting day because we have now painted every room in the house!

After living with the olive tan color in the almost every room in the house for close to two years it is officially GONE! When we first moved in, this color:
was in 


and hall

and even the ceiling in the house! 
We were drowning in nasty olive beige over here! 

Over time, you've seen us paint the ceilings, the kitchen/ breakfast room & Wii area when we took down the wall last winter, and the guest bedroom on a whim last December. I even painted two accent walls in the living/ dining area ( a few times) to downplay all the beige. 
But it was finally time to completely rid the house of this dark and dull color! So we finally picked a color (or three) and painted our living/ dining area all one color, the hall and our master bathroom! 

So now the rooms are looking more like this:

All the living and dining room are now one color which is nice! And it's hard to tell in the pictures but its more of an aqua blue than a baby blue. It's very soft and "light and airy" my favorite terms according to P! 

Now I just need to find something to go above the couch! I was hoping to buy a Michelle Armas painting I've been crushing on for a while but with all of our other big expenditures right now it just wasn't in the cards for us! So for now- I am searching for something fun and colorful to go up on the wall! 

Any thoughts? 

So that was the biggest part of the paint job, but we also went ahead and lightened up the paint in the hallway

And actually went a few shades darker in our master bathroom, just for some drama
It was hard to get a good shot of the color. It does not have any green undertones like it looks here, it is more of a smokey grey blue

pardon the close up of my eye cream but that was the best shot of the color I could get! 

We are really loving all of the color changes and how they changes the mood of all these rooms! It really is amazing how much difference a little large can of paint can make to freshen up your house! 


  1. So awesome! Seriously, I was one post behind so when I saw the picture of your dining room I didn't think it was your house! haha The new china cabinet looks great! All the paint is wonderful. You need to come pick out colors for my house. :)

  2. i love it! the color looks great. i bought my sister a michelle armas print a few months ago. i haven't seen it yet, but i love her art. you could paint your own abstract... just a thought...pam

  3. Thanks Pam!
    If I could paint AT ALL I think i would try something because trying to find something "economical" for a large wall like that is hard! I may try my hand at a smaller DIY abstract though- i saw a tutorial for one but I'm not holding my breath- I have just never been a good painter!