Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Well, we finally bit the bullet on getting a new couch, and it couldn't have come at a better time! Just in time for me to be sick and lay on it for 4 days straight! PERFECT! haha

Anyways, after loving our love seat from Star Furniture, we went back there for our couch and found a great couch for a great deal! It was on sale and then an extra 10% off the weekend we bought it! LOVE finding a steal of a deal- it makes me feel better about buying major purchases!

So here's the new couch for you, we went neutral with the aqua walls, I just think it fits a little nicer than the old denim couch we've had, what do you think?

The best part is how long it is! At 95" even P can full lay down on it! And the super depth is just perfect for lounging! Now we just have to trade off who gets to sit on the new couch! 

Oh and do you see our new end table peeking out down there?? We got the table a few weeks ago from Ballard Designs and P put it together in no time! 
See the old denim? We got the table before we actually got the new couch delivered, so here's the top for now and underneath below: 

We are loving it! 

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