Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Love seat

So after much looking and debate, we finally got a new love seat for the Wii room/ back room/ play room- I call it a million different things! When we moved in we didn't really have furniture for a second living space, even a small one like this so we used "hand-me-down" furniture from my grandparents. It wasn't really my style or what we loved but it worked and it meant we didn't have to go out and buy something right away.

But I never really loved it, so when Sam the puppy lost a toy under the love seat and did this:
chewing a nice size hole in the skirt to see toys under the couch. . . 
I knew it was the perfect excuse/ time to buy a new love seat! 

After much research and debate about what to get when ended up with a super comfy love seat from Star Furniture: 

It's a beige-y color with a little sparkle in it and it looks great with the ottoman we bought a few weeks ago
It has really calmed the space down a lot which is nice- that multi-color plaid just didn't really play nice with everything else. 
And another look from afar: 

See my other new little surprise? While I was out one day I HAD to pick up this lamp on sale at Pier1. I just LOVE the base and the color of the shade. And it just happened to be the perfect size for this spot

But now I think the green chairs look dinky. . . of course! So while I've crossed a few things off the ever present list, I just added another :)

Hopefully soon we'll have some fun slipper chairs with a punch of color. We need something smallish, but a little taller than these chairs which just don't stand up to the heft of the love seat arms. Anybody have fun ideas??


  1. LOVE the loveseat! Been looking for a similar piece, off to star furniture I go!!

    All of your updates in the house look fantastic!!!

    1. Thanks so much Missy!! We looked FOREVER and I was seriously about to go to Ikea and get the beige slipcovered Ektorp sofa, but this was $10 cheaper and so much more comfortable! I had never actually been to Star but I'm so glad I took the time to look there! We are loving it.

  2. Nice placement of my wedding picture. :) I am a VIP.
    Love seat looks great!!

    1. It was our Christmas card pic silly! not just YOUR wedding pic!