Friday, March 9, 2012

china cabinet

We are on a roll here folks, 2012 has been a year of kicking butt and taking names! LOVE all the progress we've made. I feel like we are really starting to put some finishing touches on the house. It's hard when for so long we were working on the house itself and not furnishing the house. Seriously, up until last fall when we bought the dining room table set we hadn't purchased any large furniture.

So starting around Christmas time, we finally were at the point where house tweaks are coming to a close and decor can take more of a front seat! Que the china cabinet:
Another hand me down furniture item that is really nice but not quite the look we were going for. Mainly it was just a little too small for the space. Which is why we tried to give it some height by hanging the platter above it:
But with a dark table, dark walls and a dark china cabinet we just getting too DARK! 

So we lightened up the space first with a new rug, then with the china cabinet! 
But of course when I found exactly what I was looking for in the perfect shape, it was in the wrong color. BUT it was the right price so I bought it and painted it with heavy duty cabinet paint so it would last, and we are loving it. Like seriously loving it! 

and now: 
I painted the the outside a creamy white to coordinate with the legs of the dining table 

and the inside is painted a cool aqua, that you might be seeing more of sometime soon elsewhere :)

The rug and the china cabinet have definitely helped right? But we aren't stopping there! Stop back soon for some new paint and hopefully not too far down the road for the dining room chair re-upholstering in these fabrics


  1. wow, the cabinet is gorgeous! please come over and paint the small desk (that i got free from a garage sale) that's been sitting and waiting patiently to be painted since, um, september. happy weekend! pam

    1. Thanks so much Pam! I do the same thing- I let things pile up and pile up, then I get the urge (or more likely I have people coming to visit) and I will go crazy trying to get it done as fast as possible! Thank goodness I got it finished just before we have company this weekend :)

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