Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Kitchen Round Two

So, clearly we waited awhile and settled into the house for a couple of months before making any other large changes.... ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I have the patience of Job... so we pretty much lived at Home Depot and Lowes on the weekends until like November (which I will do more posts of other work we have done to the house and a complete before and after of all the rooms) but for now- the kitchen! So in November we got the new dishwasher- thank goodness. Not sure now much longer the old one could have lasted. We had intentions of a couple of other upgrades but we were welcomed to the homeownership with a cracked heat exchange in our furnace, so everything else got delayed. But the dishwasher? WONDEFUL!
It really didn't look that bad it just didn't work well. At all! So we replace :) 
ohhhh, ahhh
so nice:)

Then in December we were ready for the big stuff- so we tackled the dreaded wall- which of course was load bearing. So we thought we'd have a little header thing and it was going to be fine and dandy, but when we came home our contractor had "given us a Christmas present" (how nice is he??) by raising the header ABOVE the ceiling line so it looks completley open, and completley perfect! We were in love. Patrick even had "phantom wall syndrome" and continued to walk through the space where the small doorway was- but we've more than adjusted to our newly open space. So now we can have company sit and watch TV in the "Wii room" or sit at the breakfast table and not feel trapped in a tiny room while we cook, etc.

The wall- making for an itty bitty breakfast room
and POOF!
no more wall! Oh and admire my recessed lights- that's one of those things people take for granted- you never think about them until they aren't there and its dark in your room at 5pm!

Oh so nice! Even with the furniture all stacked on top of each other, and no curtains- still working on that!We also decided to go ahead and paint the kitchen/ breakfast room/ Wii room all a few shades lighter than the rest of the house- a very creamy beige- to lighten up our new space, and we couldn't be more pleased :)
Love when that happens!!
Stay tuned for the FINAL ROUND!!

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