Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quick Update

When we moved back in July to our ivy covered house and put all of our furniture in place (at least temporarily, as things move often around here) it was painfully obvious that we needed some sort of china cabinet or buffet table to go in the dining room:
See- its so empty looking! So we went searching for something just right. The biggest issue was that it really couldn't be very deep at all so that we could still have a chair on the end. I ix-nay'ed a buffet because I thought if it were long it would be hard to come get in and out that door there in the back right corner- that goes to the Wii room and beyond. Then we were given the opportunity to inherit a china cabinet from P's parents. We went and looked at it and it was a perfect size. Maybe a little shorter than I wished for and maybe a little darker than what I was thinking but for free and sentimental family value it was PERFECT! Just what we needed, so we brought it home and I filled it up immediately! It was so exciting to see all of our wedding china and crystal that really hadn't been out of the box!

I was content for about 30 minutes- then I was thinking- i wish it were lighter in the back so the crystal would show up better, and I wonder if I can get the felt off. My mother in law and I had already pondered what the felt had really been for. So, I decided I could probably do some sort of quick update by covering the back with .... wrapping paper!!! Its so much cheaper than wallpaper and it was pretty much already the same width as our cabinet. And I could get my hands on it the next day- instant gratification! So I went online and found some super cute wrap at The Container Store (because its such high quality and much thicker than most wraps) and found the "Pleasing Paisley"

how cute is that, and I was already in love with the name! So I picked up a roll for $4.99 and got to work. To take out all of the objects, shelves, line the back and the bottom (to cover the felt) took me about 30 minutes MAYBE and some extra strength double sided tape, which I already had. And this is what I got:

Isn't it so fun! And just a little punch of color that you aren't expecting!

And it was about the EASIEST 'makeover' if you can even call it that! you can see we've also hung the silver platter- another fun wedding gift that I LOVE to display- above the cabinet to make it feel a little taller overall. And I'm still working with the serving pieces up on top- haven't quite found an arrangement that I like, but I'm sure I will eventually! Anyways, that's my quick update for the day. I still have urges occasionally to refinish/ paint it something lighter to fit the space a little better but I'm undecided! And I wouldn't feel comfortable making any more permanent changes like that without asking first- it is a family piece after all! But in the meantime we are just loving it and all the pretty pieces its holding :) Don't you?

Random FYI- this is without the dining room end chairs that I LOVE!!! Because they are sitting next to the TV in the living room for more seating- but even without the chairs- it doesn't look this bare in real life- I don't like this picture now- the room looks bare...but its not! I promise :)

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