Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Kitchen- FINAL ROUND!! (well mostly)

Had to show one more picture of the kitchen finished, with some natural daytime lighting:

We are getting so close- we'll just show you our progress:
With our old oven- that let off heat like crazy and smelled like gas ALL the time, even though there was no gas leak (trust me- we checked!)

After much research and shelf pull out testing, I present you with our new range- all thanks to Sears and their 30% off KitchenAid sale. LOVE a bargain- big or small

the griddle is sitting on a long oval burner that can be used as a burner too with the extra grate- that is currently sitting in my WARMING DRAWER!!! How fancy is that? So pretty and cooks soo well. LOVE it so far- the burners are amazing- both the super burner and the simmer burner are perfect and the oven cooks so evenly. YAY- research paying off :)

Then it was granite time! Didn't quite make it for the New Year's Day festivities but it was completely worth the wait to make sure we picked the right color. Here's a before- where the counters look relatively neutral- but don't let them fool you- they were light pink! I SWEAR! it was bad. . .

With the drawers pulled out- the night before the install
And the nasty sink- that never actually sprayed at full power due to crud up in the sprayer that were very stubborn and could not be coaxed out- even with CLR!



And pretty new sink and faucet (and disposal)! A Christmas gift from my parents- funny how your wants change after buying a home! Check out that bull nose edge, huh?? NICE

look how deep that puppy is! That's a good 10" deep and amazing- notice the suds at the bottom- for plates about to get a soaking!
And this is just an up close of the granite color- its so pretty and warm.

So now the kitchen is 99.9% done- the only thing left I want to do is replace the cabinets! OH WAIT, no not really, we were lucky there. Just going to replace the two flush mount light fixtures that let off yellow light due to the color of the shade- and we are pretty sure we can tackle that on our own- like we did with the pendant above the sink! Who knows, maybe they'll be a final final round on the kitchen after this weekend!


  1. your kitchen re-do is beautiful!! i just saw your blog via DecorChick and Honey I'm Home... looks like y'all had an absolute blast together this weekend! I am a Houston blogger, too and look forward to joining in on the fun next time!

  2. Thank you so much! We are just LOVING everything that we spent so long deciding on!
    You HAVE to come to the next meet up, it was such a blast and I've met so many new people through it!

  3. Hi there, Can you share with me the very light blue color and paint company of the wall in the hallway as you cite here:
    "The entry way- where you can see the light blue-gray accent wall in the foreground and the dark smokey (actually the paint color was called slate blue...) accent wall in the dining room in the background".

    I am looking for something to go with the dark blue accent wall we just painted and I am thinking this could be a good fit.


    1. Hi Michelle! I am so sorry, I am honestly not sure of the color. We painted that a while ago (and before I was so organized as to keep my paint color swatches!!) And it has since been repainted. I do know it was a Behr paint color though if that helps! Also if you look at the Our House page you can see our master bedroom which is Sherwin Williams Misty. It is also a light blue with lots of grey undertones. Hope this helps