Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One more "not quite as quick" update

While we are on the subject, I have one more quick update. I say not quite as quick because it wasn't a 30 minute update. Well part of it was- my part.  But then I had to have the seat and back made because its a pretty old director's chair and not a standard size which really I'm SO thankful for now because it came out sooo much cuter than if I had just put a standard/ solid canvas seat on it.

Here's the before of the chair- keep in mind Patrick has had this chair in his apartment probably since college and its always traveled with him.

 I love the chair and its so useful but I've always hated the fabric- it just looked so dated. Say hi to Stonewall Jackson McGown next to the chair... HI STONEWALL!

Anyways, after we moved I decided it was time for a change so with some 80 grit sand paper and some of this: all surface spray paint that you can tilt at any direction and it will still spray (super ergonomic!)

I painted the frame of the chair, taping off the hardware so as to keep the contrast. This paint is AMAZING. It is so easy to use and goes on so smoothly- no drips at all. I will warn you though, the fine mist will stick to anything- I had lots of cardboard down but it was clearly not enough as you can still see a little white spray paint mist on the patio! OOPS ;)

Then i ordered some fabric and had a tailor make the seat and back and this is what we got:
Pretty drastic change for such little work- and now I just love it! Especially sitting in our dark navy guest room! Perfection.

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