Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Kitchen- round one

The kitchen has been my biggest WANT since we moved into the house, so the past week was a very exciting day behind our ivy walls! First, we had a new stainless steel gas stove installed right before new years which is amazing. Not only is it beautiful inside and out (with the blue oven interior with one roller glide shelf and one convertable shelf that can become a half shelf (Who thinks of these things?!?)) THEN yesterday we got rid of our soft pink laminate countertops and put in GRANITE!!!! It looks wonderful and was so worth the wait- if nothing else this house has taught me the value of patience- well at least a little bit- lord knows it's still not my favorite thing. Anyways- without further ado- before and after pictures of our pretty kitchen

Here is the kitchen when we were looking to buy the house:
This is before we even had a microwave! I really thought we didn't really use the microwave... then I tried to make cookies and needed softened buter. After putting my butter out on the driveway in the sun in August, I decided we definitely needed a microwave
One of the few picutres where you can see the sliding glass door and the dreaded WALL separating the breakfast room from the "Wii room"

First things first- new windows and a built in microwave - that vents to the outside, not just into the attic like the vent before...
nice right? And on sale :) Even better. Then we pulled out the sliding glass door- that was not super secure anyways- to put in a picture window and replace that blue door that was rotted and couldn't be opened- with a nice full light door to let in even more light!
 lovely (and oh so operable!)
And that's August!

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