Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mud room... or lack there of

Being a small 1951 house, we don't really have a place to throw all of our stuff down when we walk in the door from the garage, so I am trying to make a "mudroom" out of this very small area-

If you think it already looks pretty good- it does- compared to what it used to look like. We used to have a low chest (that hit at my shins), and an ugly put practical mirror with hooks for keys, etc. The problem was that there was nowhere to set stuff, and even though we had hooks- they were tiny! So, the only thing that was ever on them was keys (at least mine) and some hats. First, we upgraded the chest. I found this chest on Craig's List for $35. The big drawers are great for storing hats, games, ANYTHING! Then the new, BIG mirror came which has been great ( Its currently the biggest/ longest mirror in the house) and my cute birdies to hang keys! Aren't they sweet:

 So I am still in the process of mudroom-ing this little space- and the back door is getting recruited. I had Patrick hang two hooks up for our coats, etc last week. And now I'm thinking we need some sort of contraption to hang on the door to throw papers, books, etc that we bring into the house because I HATE having them sitting on the chest. I would like something like this:

But we'll see- I'm going to try to come up with something a little more economical and/ or unique.
Oh and I want a lamp on that chest! Something like this:

or this:
Hopefully today will bring some fun goodies :)

 *images from Pottery Barn

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