Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sweet Baby G!

Well as promised I had to throw up a few more pics of my sweet nephew G!
He was born June 21st and is just the cutest thing EVER! He was close to 10 lbs when we was born so carrying him around is like lifting weights and playing all at the same time! I was lucky enough to stay for 5 days and play with him and my sissy after he was born!
poor baby- getting poked and prodded is no fun! 

clean and happy

new family :)

sleeping with his hands up! He still does this- so cute

chillin with Coco

With uncle Christian

my fam (minus spouses)

My mom- Coco

Baby G's Houston grandparents

and my FAV pic of baby G! 


  1. Yea for my baby! So crazy how different he looks already. He loves his aunt and can't wait to see you tomorrow!!

    1. "yeah for my baby" haha that made me laugh