Monday, August 20, 2012

doggie mat

So this is a little random but I just had to share about this new mat we bought to put under Sam's food and water bowls. We love our puppy to death- I mean how could you not with this face
LOVE him, but I was not loving the water strewn all over our kitchen floor pretty much every time Sam drank any water! Like watch out you might slip and fall, all over! Folks, our dog is a messy drinker, I said it! 

We had bought a few cheapie door mats that were supposed to help absorb/ eliminate the water. FAIL! Not only did they not keep the water from  being all over the floor, they started getting moldy. . . awesome! 

So we finally bit the bullet and bought this Water Trapper Pet Placemat from Orvis and we LOVE it! Beyond the fact that you can personalize it, which I have to admit totally did me in, its so cute, but it WORKS!!! The water sloshes all over the mat and then disappears! AMAZING!
I just had to share in case anyone else out there has a messy drinker too! Oh and Orvis has no idea who I am, and I'm not getting anything for telling you about this- just wanted to share the love! 


  1. cool! pixel needs one... she's the same way, water everywhere. pam

  2. Just got caught up on the blog and I ordered one for Gus and Gertie. He's a super messy drinker. Thanks for sharing!