Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm back!!!

Um, hi! Is anyone out there? Is there anyone who still reads my poor little neglected blog?
Well to the three of you still there, hello friends!
It's been a crazy summer for us here in H-town! Between traveling to see family and road tripping to friends' weddings

BEAUTIFUL wedding! 

And the best part of TX road tripping. . . BBQ :)

going to the beach for some R&R (and amazing sunsets!)

Sammers chasing birds on the balcony! Sam LOVES the beach as much as we do :)

visiting my new nephew

HA! Baby G was a 9 pounder (well closer to 10 lbs really at 9 lb 11 oz) 

and celebrating my 30th birthday in the month of July (yes I celebrate all month!)

I haven't really been around the computer much, but with summer coming to a close (craziness) I figured I needed to get back to a schedule! So I'll be around more often- promise :)

And this fall will bring some fun projects and maybe a few Pinterest recipes/ ideas that keep me busy and hopefully some cooler weather for everyone! But up first, more pics of my sweet nephew G!