Friday, June 15, 2012

Alaska, again

Well as promised last week I have a few lot more pictures I could show you of Alaska. I think I am finally edited/ cut down as much as possible and I'm left with 355 pictures. Don't worry, I won't show you all three hundred pics but just a few of my favorites from the "real" camera. I'll try not to completely overwhelm you, its just so hard to narrow it down!

Pike's Place Market- just can't get enough of it! (If you couldn't tell from my last post we loved Seattle as well and want to go back to spend more time there now!) 

Leaving Seattle- with the space needle retro'ed out for its 50th birthday

Olympic Mountain Range leaving Seattle

sunset at sea

Ketchikan- the rainiest city in Alaska, true to form it misted early in the morning but cleared out for a beautiful afternoon

Creek Street- the old Red Light district. There is very little water flowing in it right now as not much ice in the mountains has melted yet. By late July they said the water would be up almost to the deck!

We took the little funicular tram up from Creek Street to the Cape Fox Lodge and had a beautiful view of the town and harbor

Entering into Tracy Arm EARLY as in like 5:45 in the morning! 

One of many waterfalls we saw! Its the ice and snow from the mountains melting back into the water. By July there will be very few waterfalls as everything will have already melted! 

View from our balcony

Mount Roberts Tram in Juneau- much bigger than the Ketchikan tram which was on a ramp! 

Bald Eagles

Whale watching in Juneau

glimpse of Mendenhall glacier through the trees. Our excursion in Juneau (whale watching and hike to the glacier) was our favorite!

Christmas card??? we'll have to photoshop Sam in there :)

Sunset leaving Juneau

View from our balcony as we docked in Skagway

Riding up the White Pass Yukon Route railroad in Skagway

Cinnamon bear sighting! 

View from the dinner table that night :)

Victoria, Vancouver Island- Legislative buildings all lit up at night

It was an amazing trip and I'm sad to be back home! Now I have to start working on putting an album together and that it just overwhelming! 


  1. Beautiful pictures, Susannah! Must have been hard to come home to all this Texas mugginess!


    1. Thanks Dealey! You have no idea- I think I'm still fighting it! This heat and humidity is just awful! I'm ready to go back right now!