Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sam growing up

Sam is getting bigger and bigger and more curious! It's so funny to watch- i just had to post this series of pictures! He's so curious and wants to know what everything is. Look at this progression- it is the epitome of his behavior right now!!

What is it dad?? What is it?? Open it, open it!!

It's cool I can be patient, I'll just sit over here and watch

could you please be a little faster!

Is that paper?? Can I chew on it for a little bit? This is so exciting

AHHH what is it?? I can't wait any longer! 

Oh wait is that a bird? 

Don't mind me, I'm just going to grab some of the paper and rip it apart, don't worry! 

Wait, give it back to me- this is for me, right??? 

By the way this was P opening his anniversary gift- 3 years = leather gift! I think I did pretty well :)

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  1. love this! pixel is exactly the same! we call her 'nosey-schmosey'. (yes.... awesome gift!)