Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Michelle Armas print

So, remember back in March when I mounted the big print I saw on Pinterest onto some plywood and hung it above my couch? Here's a refresher

I was really excited about it and really liked it a lot- it make a big impact since 1. it was so big and 2. it was one item versus a lot of small little things. But apparently my DIY skills aren't aren't as mad awesome as I thought they were. . . SAD.

Over the months the print has started falling off the plywood- so in an effort to make it more permanent i went and sprayed adhesive all over the board and laid the print back down. Good, right? Not so much now it has air bubbles all over that I can't get out  AND its really stuck to the board so when I tried to take it off to just have it framed instead, it started to rip. . . again SAD. At least I only spent about $85 for the whole big thing, I guess

We've known for a month or so this was coming, it was starting to look pretty ridiculous! ANYWHOOO, I've been looking around for a while and came across the new prints that Michelle Armas is doing of some of her popular paintings. I have been obsessed with Michelle's work for a while now but her big paintings (which are AMAZING!) are a bit out of my price range right now! But when I saw that she was in the emerging artists sale on One Kings Lane a few weeks back, you know I jumped, fast! At 40% off of the normal price of her prints, it was a STEAL and came in just 2 weeks or so!!!

Now we have this pretty print of Michelle's Laura painting on stretched canvas over the couch and I'm in love!
So I promise to get some better non iPhone pics of the new print  SOON but it just came in the mail and I couldn't help but show you :)

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  1. gorgeous! that's the one i had my eye on. pam