Thursday, December 13, 2012

Built in cabinets

We've been talking forever about putting some built ins in our back living room or "wii room!" Pretty much since we moved into our house! But as usual there were a lot of other things on our list that got checked off first. Since we found out we were having a baby this subject has come up again, with more  gusto! See, we don't have a single built in in the house- outside of the kitchen- so storage is at a premium and there is nothing that comes close to providing all of the storage that some built in shelves/ cabinets would provide, so . . . we bit the bullet and I am so beyond happy about it

After getting bids from several cabinetmakers we ended up going with our usual contractor who has done tons of work for us, including most recently the interior doors, and we are always pleased! The most amazing part to me has been how clean and fast they are. In one day we went from this at 9am:

to this around noon:

to this by 5pm:
All in one day!! I was more than impressed. They built everything onsite (in our driveway) and had everything sanded and cleaned up before they left! They measured for all of the doors and came back a week later to add the doors! 

Exactly one week later:
doors! Oh and in case you are wondering- that hole is going to hide our TV wires down to the cable box below! We will be remounting our TV in the same basic spot!

and pretty hardware! 

Then while we are out of town for a few days they came in and painted! 

I didn't want to be here because we are using the oil based paint which just wears so much better but smells TERRIBLE! 

So excited to show you the final product! I am salivating at all this toy (and baby gadget) storage!! 


  1. Love it. We don't have any place for storage other than the garages little bit and the kitchen.

  2. That looks amazing!!! I need some of those too.