Monday, December 3, 2012

my new "office"

Well as you know- we are in the process of changing our office into the nursery so we had to find somewhere else for the "office" to go and we are out of rooms! So I knew it would be a corner in some room and after much debate (and at the advice of sweet Holly Mathis) we decided to swap the console table in the guest bedroom for a desk and it's been working out really really well! 

the console table before:

And "office" area now: 
Eventually I plan to get a lateral file cabinet to put on another wall but for now the rolling cart has come  with! 

And since we needed the old office closet and shelves for the nursery I am now keeping extra office supplies in this little cabinet which was previously totally empty! 
This is clearly an old pic- see the corner of the old duvet! 

Even though its smaller and less of an office, P and I actually like it so much better! I have loved this room since we painted it navy and added the new grey and white striped bedding from West Elm so I LOVE sitting in this room! And P loves coming and sitting/ relaxing on the bed to chat while I'm working! 

And the desk/ chair/ whole set up is just prettier! And who doesn't love working with pretty surroundings?? Much more inspiring than an office cubicle if you ask me! 

*The new desk is from Overstock and the acrylic chair is from the Tobias chair from Ikea! I am about to go back and get some for our breakfast room too because it is SOOOO comfortable I can't even get over it! Oh and it took about 5 minutes to throw together! 

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