Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hi there!

So, do they make a greeting card that says sorry I neglected my blogging friends for about 7 months? No? Oh, well that's a shame!

Life has obviously been a little crazy here and between getting into a rhythm, learning to be a mommy and playing with my baby (and puppy Sam of course) I just haven't found the time to blog much! And really it didn't seem like there was much to blog about for a while!

But as fall approaches and I realize that my baby is closer to toddler than newborn I feel like I should try to write everything down! Without going through every detail I will just post some pictures for you to ooh and ahh over!

1st trip to Ikea on his 1 month birthday! 

St Patrick's day

1st sick visit to doctor- just a little cold but don't worry I freaked out! 

Happy Easter!

1st trip to the beach

Moving up from preemie clothes, to newborn and now 0-3 month clothes around 3.5 months

My first Mother's Day

just a favorite of him laughing during Sunday brunch at about 4 months old

Our first family vacation over Memorial Day weekend to Horseshoe Bay

first time to roll over! 

Jackson's baptism (4.5 months) 

Happy 4th of July! 

1st time to sit up unassisted! Just before 6 months. It only lasted a short time but he is a pro now

first food! Oatmeal, he was not a fan but he loves fruits and veggies now! 

playing with toys- his favorite activity is to take all the toys out of his basket! 

1st attempt feeding himself. .. blueberries! So much fun to watch and he did really well but it was MESSY! 

1st attempt at launching himself off the changing pad. THANK GOODNESS I was right there! We use the strap now!

1st time he was REALLY sick- he got croup when he was just over 7 months and it was rough! 

1st day of Mother's Day out! A week late because of the croup! Then we've been in and out because he keeps getting sick with various things! I know it will make his immune system stronger in the long run but MAN! Sick every week is not fun, especially the last week with the stomach bug! 

trying hard to crawl! 

Sam's 2nd birthday! We had swim time in the baby pool outside then birthday "cake" and presents! Jackson played the tambourine for Sam! 

playing with cousin G in Dallas! 

8 months (9/19/2013) and still not feeling well from the week long stomach bug!! 

WHEW! That pretty much catches you up to all of our fun times this spring/ summer/ and beginning of fall! Hope to have some more posts soon with a few house updates including an updated "Our House" page! 

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