Thursday, September 26, 2013

Jackson at 8 months


At 8 months, life is really fun! You are so big now Jackson! You weigh 17 lbs which is actually less than you weighed at 7 months (thank you croup, then cold then stomach virus!) but still you are more than 3 times what you weighed when you were born! THAT is crazy to think about

Jackson you are SUCH a happy baby (when not sick of course) and you have such a fun loving personality. I LOVE coming to get you out of bed in the mornings because you are SO happy to see me. We always get you up and then open your curtains and look out the window a while at the beautiful day ahead of us!

Right now your favorite things are: Sucking your thumb, sleeping (YAY!), da da, peaches, being upside down, Sammy, kisses, reading/ eating books and taking toys out of containers! You are a joy to watch and laugh all day long!

We have moved you to a big boy convertible car seat because you were getting too long for your infant carrier and you just weren’t comfortable in it! You suck your thumb ALL THE TIME now, its pretty cute but I always worry you’ll end up like me and still be sucking it in 1st grade :/ embarrassing!

You squeal and kick your legs when Sam or Dada enter the room! You were quiet for a few months but you are back with gusto “talking” all day long. You love to say da da and a da a da but I don’t think you know what it means.

You are not quite crawling yet but you can certainly get where you want to go, either by rolling over or scooting backwards. You often end up under the ottoman because you have gone backwards so far! 

You also have no teeth yet! Several times we have thought you were teething for sure but nothing to show for it yet! You pretty much drooled nonstop for 2 months and we were sure something was coming. Now the drooling is gone but you chew on everything!

We found out a little before your 6 month birthday that you have a milk allergy so we have switched your formula and after about a month on it you are doing so well! Your weight gain really slowed for a while but you got back on track with the new formula. Then we started Mother’s Day Out at our church and you poor thing have brought home every germ in the place! I guess that’s just what happens when you’ve been home and healthy for the first 7 months of your life! Other than that you are really liking MDO too! The teachers (and everyone else who meets you LOVES you!) You are so happy and love to be held and cuddle with people

And lastly, your hair!!! This is probably what I get the most comments on now when we are out and about. It is the BEST! It is so long on top but will not sit down, it just blows in the wind and you look like you have a little halo! I secretly LOVE it! I know one day it will grow in thick and will lay down against your head but for now, I love it like it is J


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