Tuesday, November 12, 2013

9 months

9 months, just a smidge late ;)

Hi sweet boy! I feel l should ask you how you are feeling because we have been sick a lot this month. Both of us. It hasn't been fun at all but I do relish your sweet cuddles when you don't feel well. You are still pretty cuddly and love being held but you have defintiely become much more independent this month. You started army crawling and it is so fun to watch you explore. You love to find the absolute tiniest spec of dirt or dog food, inspect it and try to eat it :) You are also learning some boundaries, like what things we shouldn't pull on (the dog's bucket of toys) because they will fall on you and hurt. It took just one time for you to learn that. I told dad we were going to have to move them (and probably still will) but you know not to pull it over anymore! It's amazing how fast your brain works. And while you are definitely crawling when you want something, you still like to sit and observe. I read in a book that some babies are crawlers and some are observers. While you crawl when you really want to, you are usually content to play with the toys you've got or observe everything. Content is probably the word I use most to describe your personality. And happy! Oh my goodness are you happy. Your giggles send me over the moon. These days Sam is probably what has you laughing and smiling most often! I hope you are always this happy and content. Your spirit is contagious. It's amazing to me all the people you can get to smile and laugh with you! We have had more conversations with random people at restaurants, in grocery stores and just walking around about what a happy baby you are :) I can't believe we are closing in on the 1 year mark! It has gone so fast, I'm just trying to take it all in before you are a walking/ talking/ independent toddler! Lots of love, mom!

Favorite things:
SAM!! You love to watch him and try to crawl to him to touch his paws. You have also taken to looking out the patio door windows with him :)
clapping for yourself! Especially after you eat something
mommy- you've been having a little mommy separation anxiety but I don't mind :)
moving constantly, even before you could crawl
mirrors- love to look at yourself still! (And you love seeing pictures of yourself too!!)

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  1. He is so precious! Love the pics - perfectly captures where we are at the 9 month mark - all over the place!!