Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dallas trip

A few weeks ago we took a trip to Dallas to see family and go to the State Fair of Texas. I grew up in Dallas so the State Fair was just a given. We went every year and I am pretty much obsessed! So we had to take Jackson, although technically, not his first time, it was the first time he could really see and experience it! 
Last year at the State Fair, 22 weeks pregnant, and this was just days before Big Tex burned down due to an electrical glitch :( 

This year! My how a year changes things :) 

Tried to offer a corny dog- not for real folks just to take a pic but he was not a fan- it was too hot :( Maybe next year!

No fried foods for Jackson so he ate the guide instead 

Our attempt at a picture with the new Big Tex. . . FAIL! My photographer, ahem, didn't quite get the picture I was hoping for, but I still love him anyways!

While we were in town we also went to the Arboretum for their pumpkin display which is AMAZING! If you are close by I definitely recommend checking it out. We were extra brave crazy and decided to try to get pictures of Jackson with his two cousins (16 months and 6 weeks). It was comical to say the least

eating mulch. .. that he threw up on himself and dad about 5 minutes later! 

outraged at the blatant pumpkin stealing! 

but someone else is pretty excited about it! But still we were doing pretty well with 2 kids. . . then we tried to add the 3rd

And this is what you get. Baby completely content and happy, Jackson wanting to eat mulch and just look confused as to why he's here and big toddler playing with sticks and accidentally poking himself in the eye with it. . .hence his poor red eye! haha we were a mess by the end of it but we made it and have some cute and funny pictures as a consolation! 

Hope you are having a great fall as we near towards Thanksgiving!