Friday, December 13, 2013

10 months

Sorry for the lack of posts lately- we've been traveling and celebrating Thanksgiving and now I'm just relishing Jackson's first Christmas. . . and trying to smoosh all the fun stuff into these 3 weeks!

But before I completely forget, or get too far behind, Jackson turned 10 months old in November.
Ten months has been a pretty marked difference from 9 months. If the word for 9 months was content the word for 10 is crawling!

Jackson still army crawls but he GETS AROUND! He is no longer content to just sit for very long. The only problem now is that he crawls everywhere but still hasn't quite figured out how to sit himself back up when he gets where he wants to be. It has created a lot of frustration for him. He can physically  sit himself up he just doesn't really understand how he's doing it so he can't just sit up when he wants to. He is SOO close though, I can just tell.

He is still so happy and easy going which has been amazing! And even with top tooth #1 coming in right at 10 months sleeps through the night every night. Jackson apparently doesn't like to let anything get in the way of his sleep. He will cry and whine about his teeth hurting during the day, he won't eat but he always sleeps! It is a blessing truly because mommy needs her sleep!
Now if only I could get him to eat so he would gain a little more weight it would be great!

 Probably my favorite shot- so indicative of his personality- inspecting everything carefully

And then of course testing it out :) 

29.75" long
18 lbs 6 oz
2.5 teeth (#3 is about to come in)

Favorite things:
SAM! Hands down, his favorite thing
waving, but not just with one hand, he likes to go with the double wave and its hysterical
inspecting mom and dad's faces- mainly lips and noses
musical toys
lights/ fans- he is mesmerized
his reflection! Jackson has not met a mirror he didn't like :)

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