Friday, December 27, 2013

11 months

Oh my goodness is 11 months fun! I think the word for this age is curious! Jackson is no longer content to sit around all the time he wants to MOVE! I think I always knew he would be like this. Even when he was "sitting still" he was never actually still. He used to kick his legs continuously even when he couldn't roll over.

Now, he is using those legs to get himself all over the house and into everything! He knows the word No and what he is not supposed to touch. I really try to only use this for things that are actually a safety hazard (such as cords/ electrical sockets which just happen to be his favorite play toy!) He will stop and look at me when I say no, then smile, then go back to doing exactly what he was doing! YIKES the toddler years may be trying! 

Other than that we are just constantly on the go. Jackson is sitting himself up! He actually started over Thanksgiving when we were in Dallas. It totally startled me to put him down for a nap in his crib, turn on the humidifier then turn around and he was sitting up! About a week later he learned he could pull himself up in the crib and elsewhere. So we have lowered the crib and baby proofed the house! Now he is pulling up on everything. . . mainly the dog food bowls! They are his new favorite toy : / so I am working on figuring out how to baby proof the dog bowls....

Between his first flight and all the new milestones we have also had two top teeth come in, so we've gone from 1 tooth at 8 months to 4 at 11 months! Phew! Thank goodness he sleeps through them, but if only I could get him to eat when his teeth hurt. 

I really love this age- yes it is more tiring and yes I have to watch everything he is doing (lest he end up trying to eat the dog food... oops that happened!) but its SO fun to watch him explore and be able to move and get to what he wants. Watching him in front of the Christmas tree is so fun, and I've put lots of fun bows on the presents and he will sit there for a long time inspecting them all :)

Christmas at this age is perfect! Old enough to get involved in some things but not quite old enough to throw temper tantrums :) 

30.5 inches long
20 lbs 1 oz (yay for putting on some weight)
4 teeth

throwing toys
crawling everywhere
pulling up
dog bowls
Christmas presents
LAUGHING! sometimes I swear he just laughs for no reason, just to laugh

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