Monday, June 6, 2011

Hello there friend

Wow! Is it already June??? Life has been crazy recently which is my only excuse for the lack of posts last week. Between traveling, transitioning jobs at work (to something that is a LOT busier than my old job), pulling a muscle in my back, then catching a stomach virus that had me out for 3 days and now staying up late to watch my beloved Mavs play in the NBA finals I haven't had much spare time for blogging :(

And I worry that it might get worse before it gets better. Its funny though that as my "real" life speeds up, I have less time for blogging and checking on my favorite daily blog reads in the morning. It's hard to say its bad when we've just been having so much fun hanging out with friends and taking little summer trips, but doing "blog worthy" things just hasn't been on the radar. My posting may be a little more sporadic this summer but I'm still here and I will DEFINITELY be posting as new and exciting things happen around here, and let me tell you- there will be some exciting stuff as we get further into summer. But for now- my biggest dilemma is the pillow situation in our living room. After lusting after SO many pillows for SO long now- I think hope I've made up my mind! There are just so many fun fabric choices I can't seem to stick to what I want for long.
But for now, this is what I'm thinking:

We have two couches, one tan and one denim, BUT I know eventually I want both of the couches to be a light linen/ natural color so I want to make sure that whatever we get will transition well to that.
For now on the denim couch I want to have one of these Waverly trellis pillows on each side:

Decorative Designer - 18x18 inch pillow cover - Waverly Lattice
Etsy- Loubella1

with a small 10 x 14 Chaing Mai Dragon like this in the middle:
Chiang Mai Dragon / F. Schumacher / 10x14 Accent Pillow / Aquamarine / Zipper Enclosure

I actually want to do the small Chaing Mai Dragon in the middle on both couches, and then on the tan couch I think I am going to do two Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis on each side:
Pair of 2 Schumacher Imperial Trellis / Kelly Wearstler Linen Pillows / Navy / 20 inch

Then when we get either a large sectional or two matching couches I can mix them together and add more pillows. This is my thought for now- I'm going to make sure it sticks, and I still like it in a week then I'll pull the trigger.
The problem is, I've been down to High Fashion Homes and I found some really nice geometric and florals in a nice persimmon/ coral color that I might like even more than the green. . . we'll see.
What do you think? Any thoughts to help my pillow trouble?

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  1. I love your choices! I've also eyed that same Chaing Mai Dragon pillow! I love it paired with the pillows you've chosen.