Thursday, June 16, 2011

High Fashion Homes

So, call me crazy but we have lived here almost two years and I JUST went in to High Fashion Homes for the first time last weekend!!! How I haven't been down there before I don't know- I think I might have been afraid I would just go on a major buying spree and buy everything I wanted. After going- I realize this was a major possibility as I almost came home with $700 worth of mirrors on a whim! WHAT??? Yeah, serious craziness! I can only plead temporary insanity. But look at them (while ignoring the plastic wrap please)
They are amazing and would brighten up our dining room wonderfully on either side of the china cabinet- I'm going to start looking for something similar that costs a LITTLE bit less! I think it would help bring the room together a little bit.
Anyways- I went mainly to look at fabrics because while shopping on is great and has amazing deals, I like to see stuff in person first AND just see if they had anything that I hadn't seen online that might look good in the living room on some throw pillows. I could have shopped just for fabric for DAYS in this store. Then there is all the furniture. Oh the furniture. . .  there was this coffee table, swoon, would look amazing in our living room. . . and the small chair behind it that would be PERFECT in our bedroom.
I was swooning at all the pieces upholstered in flax color linen- I think I could decorate the whole house with pieces like that
Oh and then this dining room set up with the texture on the chairs and then the chandeliers- again, PERFECT!

But back to the task at hand- FABRIC. After going and seeing lots and lots of fabrics I think I am sticking with my choices. The KW Imperial Trellis in navy, the Waverly lovely lattice and some Chaing Mai dragons in the middle to tie everything together.

I found lots of good stuff though, including these fabrics in a persimmon color that I really love-

I don't know what I would do with it because I need something more multi color to bring together the other pillows, but I could totally see a great chair upholstered in this fabric. . .

And then these:


All in all a great trip with lots of ideas, and mainly it was great to help me nail down exactly what I wanted the living room pillows to be after seeing ALL of my options!


  1. I love HFH! BTW, you find a copy of those mirrors for $50 at Garden Ridge....they look almost identical.

  2. OMG Seriously???!? Elsa you just MADE MY DAY!! Think I might be going to Garden Ridge TONIGHT!

  3. Oh girl, I want everything at High Fashion Home. I love that Waverly fabric you found. Pillows or a chair would be beautiful.