Wednesday, June 22, 2011


  So I'm sure if you live anywhere in Texas, or Arizona or California or any other state that is in a MAJOR drought you have been hearing a lot about wildfires. I have too, and it's not that I have been taking the warnings and information for granted it just hasn't been anywhere around me or affected my life. Until Sunday. I am NOT saying that am a victim of any of this devastation, because I am not, but I did witness some of the fires and it is enough to make you stop and think.

We went to Dallas for father's day weekend and on our way back drove right into two separate wild fires. At first we thought it was just one but found out they were two separate instances. This was on Sunday and both of the fires that we saw are still burning today. They are under control now but still burning.
Driving up toward the fire, just south of Madisonville

stopped on the highway, waiting to find out if the highway was going to be shut down.
It was- and clearly for good reason

taking over the whole sky

And within minutes t was all around us. This is as we crossed over the highway to go back north to Madisonville and cut over through College Station.

I am not trying to be Smokey the Bear or anything but especially in this hot weather and as we approach the 4th PLEASE be VERY VERY careful. Above was the larger of these two fires, the one right on I-45 was started when a hot piece of metal on the wheel of a car sparked as the car pulled over on the side of the highway. As of Sunday it had burned over 1500 acres and forced several evacuations.

The other fire was started by a spark from a charcoal on a BBQ pit that was set up in the grass. It could be the smallest thing to you, but it can do serious damage.

On highway 6 outside of Navasota

Getting closer to this fire

Smoke from the two fires converging!

I know it's hard to get the magnitude of the size of the fire and the emotions from a picture but we were in awe. I've never seen anything like it. We only saw a few flames but seeing all the local/ small town fire fighters going to work to battle the fire in 105 degree heat and the MASS of smoke taking over the sky- it was enough for me. I am GLAD they are banning fireworks this year- and trust me you would have NEVER heard me say that before Sunday! But it needs to be done to keep everyone and everything safe!

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  1. Those are some crazy scary pictures! I didn't realize you saw 2 different fires!