Monday, April 30, 2012


So first up on my list of to-dos since leaving my job, replacing our thermostat. Sounds exciting huh. Would have been so much better if I could have some major transformation, but alas, the little stuff needs attending to.
I always just assumed that I would have an electrician install a new thermostat when we finally get around to hiring one to hid our TV wires. . . still haven't done that either. Hmm, let's add that to my list of "small stuff to do ASAP" list that is ever growing!
Anyways- turns out installing a thermostat is really easy. I had P helping me, full disclosure, I intended for him to be the installer on this project, but small hands were needed, so I kept him on back up just in case!

We went from this:
Sorry, didn't think to take a picture until after we had popped the front piece off, but this is before any real work! Please notice how this is hanging a bit off the wall. . . yeah it's been hanging around like that for about 3 months now.. . OOPS!

To this:

In a matter of minutes! Not even a full hour job- including some light sanding/ repainting around the outline of the old round thermostat! 

It was seriously as simple as unscrewing everything, undoing three colored wires and then re-attaching them to the color coded wire boxes on the new thermostat! 

And now we have a programmable thermostat that I don't have to think about! 

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