Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ikea Expedit hack

So I'm sure probably like 75% of the readership here has or has heard of the Ikea Expedit bookshelf. They come in several sizes but we have a 2 x 4 shelf that we got when we were still in our apartment for extra storage. Now we are using it as the media console in our back "Wii game" room. I really don't mind the shelf itself (although of course I wish I had bought it in white, anyways) but I always hated that you could see all of our wires (again, If I would ever get an electrician out to hide the TV wires in the wall). 

But my problem is beyond the TV wires, its the gaming console wires which you can see running all the way down. Annoying, much! So I've tweaked my Expedit. . . . can you tell what I did?

Maybe you need a closer view?? 
Can you see it now??? YAY for pretty fabric! I have had this fabric sitting around for a while now because I thought I was going to use it in our bedroom, but I never ended up executing the plan. 

This is about the easiest Ikea hack ever. You can hardly call it a hack. I just cut my fabric roughly the size of the cabinet ( I didn't bother measuring, just held the fabric up against the front of the cabinet and cut!) Then I just got my light weight staple gun and went to town, doing the top and then the two sides
Before I finished stapling down both sides I just cut small holes in the fabric where the two gaming systems are so those wires could pop through the fabric and I was DONE! 

Easy stuff man, why did I wait months years to do it??


  1. I'm glad to see my Financial Reporting and Analysis book finally got the respect it deserved and showed up in your blog.

  2. That looks great! I have not ever been to Ikea. yikes! But this bookshelf looks like the perfect thing for the nursery for books and toys. I may need to order it!