Friday, May 4, 2012


You know when you are browsing Pinterest and you see pantries like this:

Or This:

And of course one like this:

What I'm working with:

Seems pretty pathetic!! I think we actually have a decent amount of space I'm just not using it very well. My goal is to try to figure out what all we use most often and find a better way to organize everything with the most used items at easy reach and with space for all of our paper products/ dog food! I would love to knock out the shelves (especially that rod going down the front) and start over but I don't really want to take on a huge project. . . so my goal is to try to figure all of this out while keeping all structure!

I'm putting this out here so I will actually work on it. . . .so please hold me to it! This is driving me crazy!


  1. My pantry needs a makeover too! Sounds like we both need to schedule a trip to The Container Store, ha!

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I definitely do!! I went a few weeks ago and got drawer liner (that's the bag on the floor of my pantry! Now I need to figure out exactly what I need to get this looking decent! I LOVE that place :)

  2. The thing is....your pantry is not that bad. Come take a look at mine. :)

    1. it's just hard to tell from far away in a picture- you aren't seeing the far sides up close- and those are the worst parts!! PROMISE :)