Monday, May 21, 2012

organizing DVDs

Since working on organizing the pantry I've kind of been on an organizing kick! I don't know about you but for some reason I have tons, seriously like over 150!!?! DVD's. Back in the day I would just buy them even movies I wasn't sure about or that I hadn't seen??? What is wrong with me??

Anyways- I've told you about how we finally got the DVD out of open shelving to a closed cabinet so we weren't looking at them all the time but it's been kind of bothering me that these DVDs that we use so infrequently are taking up so much prime space in the entry cabinet. So while I was lamenting this ultra-important issue to a friend at lunch she had the most genius idea: take the DVDs out of the case and store them in a CaseLogic case. .. .you know, the ones from the 90's you stored all your CD's in. . . yeah, you remember!

Anyways- sadly I still actually have a large one that I still had CD's in that were OLD to the tune of Ace of Base, Crash Test Dummies and Mariah Carey (old school, not current). Yeah. . . what can I say I have excellent taste in music. LOL- I've learned to embrace it! Anyways, I digress, I went through my CD's and plucked out the few that I still wanted to keep (which I might add are in my iTunes account as well) and chunked the rest. then I just went through and put all my DVDs into the case and now it fits in the TV console and I have a whole side of our entry cabinet to put more important things!

Totally forgot to take a before picture of this cabinet but you get the gist- the top looked just like the bottom- tons and tons of DVDs

And now- all closed up tight in the CaseLogic but still close at hand! 

I did decide to keep all of the cases in case I ever want to sell the DVDs at a garage sale. They are safely packed in a box and up in the attic! So excited for all of the extra storage space!

Check back soon for a few more organizing tips

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