Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Crockpot Roast Tacos

Um, before we even get into this recipe, I just need to tell you, you need to make this dish.
1. it is ridiculously easy
2. it is ridiculously tasty
3. anyone you cook it for will thank you
4. it's ridiculously easy- did I mention that??

Seriously- it's that good
I found this recipe on A La Mode a style/ home blog that I read. I even pinned it on Pinterest a while ago before finally making it last week for the first time

Tasty no?? YES!

Here's what you need
Sirloin tip roast ( we used about 2 lbs)
1 jar of salsa (I used On the Border's hot salsa because I had it)

Just put the roast in the crockpot and cover with the salsa. Oh and I sprinkled some salt on top too. Then set on high and cook for 5 hours in your crockpot. The meat will be fall apart tender and be very easy to shred. And that's it!!
We serve it on flour tortillas with shredded cheddar but you could use chips and sour cream or anything really! The flavor is really great, you will love it!


  1. Ok, here are my dumb questions. :)
    1. Did you get the sirloin from the butcher or packaged?
    2. What size jar of salsa? Small one?

    Love, your non-cooking sister. :)

    1. 1. They aren't dumb questsions- I too had to look around a little before I found it.
      2. I got the sirloin packaged in front of the butcher but I think you could get it from the butcher as well
      3. We got around 2 lbs of meat
      4. we used a medium sized jar (the On The Border jar is short and squatty- maybe 15 oz??) If you use more than 2 lbs of meat you might want to use a larger jar to make sure that all of the meat is covered by the salsa
      Make it- you'll like it :)