Monday, February 28, 2011

Lights Galore

Alright folks I ordered lights…. Lots and lots of lights! GET EXCITED! So I made a command decision after talking to multiple people, and after deciding that the really expensive lights, as seen here:

Might be a little too modern for our house- even though I am hands down in love with them- I’m not sure they would fit in with anything else. So I opted for the Golden Lighting Cerchi series.
I am doing the flush mount in the kitchen

And the semi flush mount in the breakfast room:

Then, to pat myself on the back for all that money I saved myself I went ahead and bought lights for the entry hall and office!! WOO HOO! Amazingly, buying all four of these lights, I still spent less than if I had bought the two 2Thousand degrees lights. THAT made me feel good. So now we wait for them to get here so P can learn how to install them without electrocuting ourselves!!!

OH wait you want to see the other lights. Why of course!

So I had three options for the entry hall, remember? I was leaning towards the casualness of the lantern light so I was really thinking that was THE ONE, you know. But then I got my trusty Ballard Designs catalog in the mail on Friday, just in time for my drive to Dallas Saturday morning and low and behold look what I found:

Look at how similar it looks to the original

AND it is actually a better match- color wise to what is in this area already AND it was $50 cheaper! SOLD!

Then I went ahead and ordered a light I had seen a while ago for the office. I wasn’t necessarily planning on buying it- but it’s the only other light in the house I don’t like (currently an old/ low fan with a light fixture on it)* and it had so many positive reviews on Overstock so I figured what the heck, let’s just do them all! So we did and now this is on its way as well:
 metal leaf hanging lamp from Overstock

Really love the uniqueness of it and it will provide a lot more light for the office than our fan light! The outside is metal but the inside drum is linen which softens the light perfectly- according to the reviews. Can’t wait to install them ALL- well really for P to install them all J

*EHH, not exactly true- we have the same low/ old fan in our bedroom but I already have a plan for that and no light fixtures were needed. Later this fall we will put in recessed lights in the master and then put up a low profile fan that we already have from our apartment

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