Thursday, February 10, 2011

What a bright idea!

So, we've been in our house about six months now, maybe a little more, and every month it really does feel more and more like our own. It is my baby and I'm always working on it. Men don't always understand that- just because I want to change something doesn't necessarily mean its bad right now, I just want to make it better.

Having said that. . . our lighting situation in the kitchen is BAD folks! Drives me crazy. I have what we affectionately call them "boob lights." You know what I'm talking about- the flush mount domes with the little piece on the bottom that makes them look anatomically like a boob.

I'm not a fan, never have been, BUT they don't always look terrible. Some are nicer than others and there IS a place for them- a closet or even a hallway but not in MY kitchen. Especially not with this color shade (which makes my sandy walls look YELLOW at night!) and in the wrong finish- don't get me wrong- I do like the oil rubbed bronze but every knob in the kitchen is brushed nickel and we have stainless appliances so they just look out of place. So I have been doing all sorts of research for the better part of a month (P is so tired of looking at all the lighting links I send him!!) and I have narrowed it down!

What I really LOVE is this:

2 Thousand degrees large Mulberry light (20" round)

But- major reservation- its super duper expensive. I know, I know, lighting is expensive and I certainly don't want anything that looks cheap or is just poor quality BUT its also hard to rationalize so much money when  instead I could get these:
Golden Lighting's Cerchi series flush mount to go in the actual kitchen (got to keep it pretty short so poor P's head doesn't hit it)

And this semi-flush mount in the same series for over the breakfast room table

Then we could put the left over money towards something like this:
 for the entry way (which also has the same boob lighting)

World Imports Rennes Collection Foyer pendant (my current favorite)
But I also like these:

The entry lighting gets a dark finish because our door hardware is oil rubbed bronze- I'm okay mixing the finishes I think this looks good in the front of the house (entry, living, dining room) but like the brushed nickel or chrome in the kitchen. Nothing has to be matchy matchy anymore, right?

Anyways- what do you think? Do you think it' worth it to splurge on the expensive fixtures knowing they are perfect or do you make the compromise and get something a little cheaper that you still really like and allows you to tackle a few more projects? Also what's your favorite of my three entry hall light choices? I go back and forth!

*All light options (minus the last two) are from a GREAT source for high quality lighting at a good discount!


  1. I say go with the 2nd one that is cheaper. It looks almost as good and then you can spend the left over money on another fixture for the entry like you said! I like one of the first 2 in the entry way. Kind of leaning towards the first one.

  2. Hey, this is Mandy Woodall. Ben had some lighting fixtures like "the boob" one at his place when he moved. He replaced them. I love the ones you want to replace that with. I personally like the one with the candles in it. Hope you all are doing great down in H-town

  3. I love those options! REALLY like that second one!

    1. Great pick! That's what we put in our kitchen and breakfast room area and I LOVE them!