Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Get your shopping shoes on!!

If you are in the Houston area- the Super Target on San Felipe just inside the Loop is putting Calypso home goods out as we speak!! I was just there and they had pillows, a few silver vases and the tie dyed cake stand in the aqua color!! Totally cheating the May 1 date. ..  but WHO CARES!! AWESOME!

Have you heard??? Calypso is coming to Target, and SOON!!! I seriously couldn’t be more excited. What’s better than custom cabinets for a builder grade price! Starting May 1, Target will be carrying Calypso St Barth clothes, accessories, shoes, home goods and decorative pieces!! STELLAR my friends- I promise you will love it. AND after reading several reviews on Racked and other websites- it’s supposedly really good quality still which is just the icing on the cake!  I mean – just look at this stuff

I NEED this skirt
And these wedges

Or any of these dresses:

And look at these accessories
LOVE this necklace

fun and funky

love the belt too!!

And of all of these clothes and accessories- the highest price was $39.99 for the dresses.
Oh and the tie dyed dessert stand- could you not die? So scrumptious

Then check out the home goods-

AH! the famous Calypso poof- $300 + at their stores, but a mere $79.99 at Target- what a fun way to liven up a room!!

So much goodness I can’t wait! This line is supposed to be in stores and online-so check it out. You owe it to yourself! OH! And as of right now- they will only be carrying the line through June 11th. I think it’s a test run- so DON’T miss it- you’ll be sad if you do.


  1. Oh, YES! I can't wait to see how their poufs are!

  2. I know! I went today to the Target by me but they didn't have many home goods I'm thinking the San Felipe one will have more- might be headed there on my lunch break tomorrow!