Monday, April 25, 2011

landscaping fun- part 1

So April has finally come (and almost gone) and we have some new landscaping! After thinking long and hard about what is best for us right now and really what is best in terms of resale value, the mister and I decided to just re-do the plants and the beds in the front yard, and not worry about removing and re-pouring the concrete sidewalk. We may do it eventually, but right now it was just too much and not really necessary to make a BIG impact on the landscape. So we went back and got quotes from many different companies and ended up with one that we really felt knew what they were doing and listened to what we were looking for.

So we signed on the dotted line and started up. . . but just as a reminder, here is what we started with:

as the workers take out the bushes
see that line of bricks? that is the drip line from the roof of the house- we always assumed that it was individual bricks laid across the bed. . . not so much- they dug up small walls of brick and mortar almost 18" deep!!!

the bushes from in front of the house- JUST on the left side of the house

WOW! look how open it is- you can actually see the brick under the window now!!! already so much better and there is nothing there!

Also notice how the bed has been curved out to meet the end of the sidewalk- just that small change makes an amazing difference in updating the whole look of the house.

new plants!! PRETTY

This is after they have tilled and aerated all the soil along with adding nutrients to help our new plants thrive and we are playing with the layout of the bushes

So clearly, these plants are not in the ground- and we are missing the annuals and other small color but still- what a difference right?

Then they came and pulled out the big bushes in front of the living room windows. They didn't have time to remove everything else, but they will be :)

This was all on a Saturday afternoon! I was amazed at their efficiency and just how much work they did for us. They will be back this week to finish everything up on both sides- including raising the sidewalk to grade out and away from the house, which will help enormously with our rain issue so we are PUMPED!


  1. Hi! New Houston area reader...I saw your blog on the meetup invite!! I am in the process of doing similar things to our landscape and wondered if I can ask who you used?? The bids I've gotten are enormous and I'm looking for good workers that don't charge an arm and a leg!!! thanks! Hoping I can make the meet and greet this weekend!

  2. Looking good! Can't wait to see the finished product!!