Monday, April 11, 2011

patio furniture

Well, it's been relatively quiet around here the last week or so. Since we finally got the lights put in we haven't actually done much. I know that probably seems normal but I'm starting to realize that maybe we're not so normal. We pretty much always have a project. And this week was no different- I have some projects but more than anything they are just ideas. But the one thing I do have on the mind right now is patio furniture.

It is HARD to find patio furniture that is both stylish and fun without it being $2,500 a piece. At least for me- I am SUPER specific about what I want- a modern modular style sofa and chairs (with arms) that's resin/ rust free aluminum but in a wicker look. It is very durable and I love the style. I've been trying to open my view to see some other things though because I'm not sure that what I want even exists! Does this happen to you? I swear it happens to me on a weekly basis, sometimes I wish I could be a furniture designer- just for myself- or be able to design a rug just for me- without having to pay thousands and thousands of dollars.

So, with spring clearly HERE and summer on it's way (at least here in Houston it is) I thought I'd show you some pretty patio furniture. . . that I desperately want and NEED (that's what I'm trying to convince Patrick of at least!!)

both Frontgate- more traditional but i like it

L O V E, love

above two are from PB

Modular pieces from Pier 1
nice but I prefer the sofa to be one piece so it doesn't move around as much
above pieces all from Overstock! Surprising, at least to me- but it does scare me to not be able to see the pieces and touch/ sit in them first

not my original vision but it's actually really well made and super comfortable

Restoration Hardware- LOVE but a little pricey
collection from Target- a little more traditional version of my modern vision
 I really like the three seater sofa- for a little more space and you can buy the two chairs separately from the love seat which is nice too- most come in a set which is nice but we don't really need a coffee table since they will be going around a fire pit- so I do like the idea of buying separates. . . hmm

Crate and Barrel
part of a collection with modular pieces to make a love seat or couch

So we'll see if we ever pull the trigger- I'm already leaning towards two or three but it's a big purchase and I don't want to pick something that is cheap but won't hold up in the long run, but at the same time I don't want to spend a fortune... Time will tell, and you'll see  :)

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